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Children's Play Area
Lactation Centers and Nursing Mothers Room
Navigating MSP Program
Airport Activity Book

Children's Play Area

photo of children's play area on concourse C

Two children's play areas at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) make traveling with children a little easier. The play areas - on Concourse C at Terminal 1-Lindbergh and on Level 2, inside security, at Terminal 2-Humphrey - were  custom-made by a local company, Blue Rhino Studio, and funded by the Airport Foundation MSP.

Each of the play areas features a mock airplane, air traffic control tower, with slides, and adult seating areas - some with electrical outlets close by. A statue of Snoopy, whose creator was a native of Minnesota, at the entrance to the Terminal 1-Lindbergh play area provides a perfect photo opportunity for families. The pay-kiddie rides are also popular at Terminal 1. Other items, including a giant-size suitcase at the Humphrey Terminal, were designed as educational tools for kids and their parents.

Admission is free for all airport visitors and their children.

Lactation Centers and Nursing Mothers Room

Currently MSP Airport offers two lactation centers at Terminal 1-Lindbergh - one near Gate F2 and the other near Gate C13. There's also a center at Terminal 2-Humphrey between gates H10 and H11.

These secure, sanitary rooms feature a deep sink for cleaning equipment, easily accessible electrical outlets, soft lighting, artwork and comfortable seating.

For access to the center on Concourse F, visit the information booth in the Airport Mall located near the entrance to Concourse F. For access to the center on Concourse C, visit the information booth across from Gate C12. The assistant will provide you access to the room. If the booth is unmanned, call the manager on duty at 612-366-6069 who will send an attendant to open the center. 

There is a semi-private nursing mothers room which includes a changing table, sink, mirrors, couch and rocking chair, located near the entrance to Concourse E. Another private nursing mothers room is located just above the lactation room on Concourse C (please note, this room does not include a sink). Obtain access as noted above.   

Additional locations are also in the works. 

Navigating MSP Program 

Many families who have children with autism avoid flying because they are unsure how their children will respond. In an effort to ease the anxiety associated with an airport visit and flying, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), Fraser and the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) have teamed up to create the Navigating MSP program. The program includes several events, all designed specifically for individuals with autism, that guide families through the steps of an airport visit, from walking in the door to finding their seats on a plane. Click here for more information about the program. 

Questions? Contact Shelly Lopez at 612-726-5239 or

Airport Activity Book

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport has developed an Airport Activity Book to help familiarize children with the traveling process. Print a copy for your children today, click here.