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Using a MnPASS tag to park at a MSP parking facility
A new partnership with MnPASS allows motorists to use a MnPASS tag to enter and exit several Minneapolis St Paul Airport (MSP) parking facilities.
Participating MSP parking facilities
  • Terminal 1─Lindbergh — Daily and Hourly
  • Terminal 2─Humphrey — Daily and Hourly
  • The Quick Ride Ramp at Terminal 1-Lindbergh
How it works
Motorists must have a MnPASS account, a MnPASS tag and a ZipPass account. After both accounts are established, motorists can use their MnPASS tag to raise the gate arm/barrier at several MSP parking facilities.
The MnPASS and ZipPass accounts are treated as two separate accounts and fees cannot be combined. Motorists must log into the respective account to review parking or MnPASS trip/toll reports.
Motorists cannot use their ZipPass to drive in the MnPASS lanes. If motorists are caught driving in the MnPASS lanes during peak-travel times without a MnPASS tag, they are subject to a citation and fine.

Get moving - current MnPASS customers
Create a ZipPASS Account
Download the ZipPass application or contact MSP at or at 612-726-5650 and request an application.
Scan the completed application and email it to or fax it to 612-726-5728.
Get moving - current ZipPass customers
Sign up for a MnPASS account or
Contact a MnPASS Customer Service representative at 1-866-397-4334 or at A representative will help you enroll in the MnPASS program.
MSP Airport Landside Operations ─ ZipPass

MSP Parking Information

Call 612-725-4670 for:
  • parking availability
  • rates
  • locations
  • duplicate receipts
  • inquiries
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