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Driving to MSP


Park where you fly! The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport boasts 22,900 on-site parking spaces. Almost all of them are covered, and ramps are patrolled and/or under camera surveillance 24 hours per day. And, we're priced competitively with off-site locations, with options to fit your needs and budget.

Check out all your options in our Parking section.

Pick Up and Drop Off

If you are being dropped off, be sure to check out the Pick Up & Drop Off  section for additional information.

Driving Directions

For driving directions, click on the appropriate terminal link to the left.

Traffic Conditions

Minnesota traffic conditions are available at:

Ground Transportation Options

Bus, taxi, rail and shuttles: they're all available, and from almost anywhere in the region.

Check out your options in our Ground Transportation section.

Biking to the Airport

Biking to MSP is an option. You just need to know which roads allow bicycles and how to use the city bus service or light rail transit when biking to Terminal 1-Lindbergh.

Check out our biking map for details.


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