Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Final Long Term Comprehensive Plan

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Table of Contents (323kB)
Executive Summary (1.2MB)

Chapter 1: Inventory (5.2MB)
Chapter 2: Forecasts (278 kB)
Chapter 3: Facility Requirements (166 kB)
Chapter 4: Alternatives (6.6MB)
Chapter 5: Environmental Considerations (8.7MB)
Chapter 6: Land Use Compatibility (1.8MB)
Chapter 7: Facility Implementation Schedule and Cost (81kB)
Chapter 8: Public Information Process(52kB)

Appendix A: Additional Forecast Tables (500kB)
Appendix B: Additional Environmental Tables (98kB)
Appendix C: Costs Back-Up (90kB)
Appendix D: Draft MSP 2010 LTCP Comments and Reponses (2.7MB)