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Police Station Locations
Curbside Security
Tip Line
Crime Prevention Tips
Crime Victim's Rights
Employment Opportunities

Airport Police officers, licensed by the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, patrol the entire MSP Airport campus, including the highways surrounding the airport, parking ramps, terminal buildings, roadways, and curbside area.

Learn more about our dynamic airport police department: MSP Airport Police Video

Police Station Locations

The Airport Police Operations Center is located in the public area of Terminal 1-Lindbergh on the Baggage Claim Level near Door 1. Terminal 2-Humphrey also has a small police office between the ticketing and baggage claim areas on Level 1.

Curbside Security

Curbside security is a major concern of the APD. Community Service Officers are on-duty around the clock patrolling in front of the terminal buildings. Due to federal regulations, parking is not allowed curbside; it is a loading/unloading zone only. The alternatives to waiting curbside are to park in the short-term parking lot, or wait in the Cell Phone Lot located off of Highway 5 and Post Road until your party is ready to be picked up.

The APD is committed to providing good customer service while enforcing federal security regulations. Please contact us at or 612-726-5547* should you have any questions or comments regarding curbside security procedures or policies.

Tips for picking up and dropping off passengers at MSP can be found under the Directions section.

Tip Line

The APD welcomes tips from the public.  Though a phone conversation is preferred to obtain detailed information, you may also submit tips anonymously through the following:
To submit an anonymous tip online:

To submit an anonymous tip through text message, type MSPTIP and your message, then send it to 274637 (CRIMES on most phones).  Text STOP to 274637 to cancel.  Text HELP to 274637 for help. Additional message and data rates may apply.

How to submit a tip through text message - Video
How to install TipSubmit Mobile - FAQs

Crime Prevention Tips

Even though our community boasts a reputation as a safe place to work, visit, and transit; crime happens-even here. Programs such as Night to Unite and Airport Watch allow the public to become more involved and be the "eyes and ears" of law enforcement.

Please contact our crime prevention officer for more crime prevention information:  Officer JoLynn Christianson at or 612-467-0901.

Reducing Vehicle Theft and Break-ins

MSP Airport is a safe and convenient place to park your vehicle.  The parking ramps are well-lit, monitored with recorded CCTV cameras, equipped with blue emergency call boxes, and patrolled regularly.  As vehicle break-ins are a classic example of crime based on opportunity, follow these tips to make your vehicle less appealing to a thief:
  • Don't invite a break-in by leaving valuables in sight.  GPS's, briefcases, purses, computers, bags, and even change are all tempting to a thief.  Utilize your trunk to keep items out of view.
  • Take valuables with you whether they can be seen or not.
  • Never leave your keys in your vehicle (This is a violation of local ordinance).

Luggage Theft

Theft from checked luggage is another concern.  Follow these tips to reduce your chances of being a victim:
  • Do not pack valuables in your checked luggage (phones, laptops, tablets, jewelry, currency, etc)
  • Avoid using expensive or expensive looking luggage. Thieves figure if the bag is expensive, the contents may be expensive also.
  • Do not pack firearms unless a necessity for your trip.  If you do, remember to follow TSA guidelines
  • Do not pack medication in your checked luggage
  • Lock your luggage with TSA-approved baggage locks
  • Do not check your bag more than three hours prior to your flight's departure
  • If required to check carry-on luggage at the gate, be prepared to remove valuables from this luggage prior to turning it over to the airline
  • Upon arrival, proceed to baggage claim to receive your luggage as soon as you can get to baggage claim
  • Immediately report lost/stolen luggage to your airline
  • Immediately report any stolen items from your luggage to your airline and the APD

Crime Victims' Rights

You have the right to apply for financial help for losses resulting from a violent crime. This assistance does not cover property losses. For application and information, call 651-201-7310.

If you feel your rights as a victim have been violated call the Crime Victims Ombudsman’s Office at 651-201-7310.

Outside the Twin Cities area, call 1-800-247-0390; TDD: 1-651-282-6555.

You have the right to request that the law enforcement agency withhold public access to data revealing your identity. The law enforcement agency will decide if this is possible.You have the right, if an offender is charged, to be informed of and participate in the prosecution process, including the right to request restitution (money court ordered from the offender and paid to the victim).

IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, the city or county attorney may file a criminal complaint. You have the right to be notified if prosecution is declined or criminal charges dismissed. You have the right to go to court and request an Order for Protection.

The order could include the following:
  • Restrain the abuser from further abuse;
  • Direct the abuser to leave your household;
  • Prevent the abuser from entering your residence, school, business, or place of employment;
  • Award custody of or visitation with your minor children; or
  • Direct the abuser to pay support to you and the children if the abuser has a legal obligation to do so.
Battered Women’s Crisis Line/Shelter Information (24 hour) 651-646-0944
Cornerstone 952-884-0330
Assistance for Sexual Assault Victims 612-871-5111
United Way 211 651-291-0211
Financial Assistance for Crime Victims 651-201-7310
Hennepin County Attorney (Victim’s Assistance) 612-348-4003
Hennepin County Jail (Offender Release) 612-348-5112
Crime Victims’ Assistance 612-340-5400
Women’s Advocates Shelter 651-227-8284
Casa de Esperanza (Shelter for Hispanics) 651-772-1611
Eagle Nest Shelter / Women’s Nation 651-222-5836
Statewide Referral Services 1-800-247-0390
African American Family Services 612-871-7878
Minnesota Center for Crime Victims Services Website




In an emergency, call 9-1-1 from any airport pay phone, or your cell phone if you are in the terminal area. You may also contact them by dialing 228 from the Airport Assistance Phones located throughout the terminal or by dialing 612-726-5577 from any phone.

Employment Opportunities

Job Postings

Police Officer employment opportunities for the MSP Airport Police Department (APD) are posted on the Minnesota POST Board website and the Metropolitan Airports Commission's (MAC) website when openings exist and applications are being accepted. All police officer applicants must meet Minnesota POST Board requirements by date of hire.

Community Service Officer positions and other civilian positions, when available, are posted on the MAC's website.


In addition to a salary and benefits package, police officers with a bachelor's degree receive a five percent educational incentive added to their base salary.  Salaries commensurate with your experience.  All new officers also receive a duty weapon, their first uniform, body armor reimbursement, and an annual uniform allowance.  Officers also have the opportunity to exercise while on duty in the department's gym.


Airport Police Officers must meet these minimum requirements:*

  • No felony convictions as defined by Minnesota State Statutes
  • Must be licensed or eligible for licensure as a peace officer by the State of Minnesota
  • Medically, physically, and psychologically fit to perform required job duties
  • A valid, state-issued driver's license
  • Demonstrated ability to interact and communicate effectively with the public
  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written skills
  • Ability to complete an intensive, multi-month classroom and field training program.    

*Subject to change

Interested in a career in law enforcement?

Visit the innovative Discover Policing career website, sponsored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), which outlines expectations and processes of the law enforcement field. To learn how to become a police officer in Minnesota, visit here.

Preparing for a career in law enforcement

It is never too early or too late to start preparing for a career in law enforcement.

Remember, you will need to submit to a comprehensive background check.  As it isn’t uncommon to see over 400 applicants for one police officer position opening, it is imperative to show integrity.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse: Being involved in drug use could hurt your opportunity become a police officer. If you are planning a career in law enforcement consider the consequences of drug and alcohol usage. Although alcohol is legal (if over 21), abuse can lead to life changing events that could have an adverse effect on your health, family and career in law enforcement. Drug use is never a wise choice and it will have an effect on your career in law enforcement. Drug and alcohol use is not an automatic disqualification. Drug usage is taken under consideration and the decision is at the discretion of the Chief of Police.
  • Juvenile crimes: If you have made a conscious decision to become a police officer, the things you do as a juvenile could affect you becoming a police officer. Juvenile criminal records will be addressed on a case by case manner. The important thing is to cease any criminal activity and become a law-abiding, productive citizen of your community.
  • Employment History: Your conduct on the job is a factor that the Police Department reviews when considering you for potential employment. Be professional at your job and work well with your co-workers and management. While you may not get along with everyone, staying professional can earn you the respect of your co-workers and supervisors. Even a job working in the fast food industry will help you develop interpersonal skills with the public that is necessary for a job in law enforcement. Remember, police officers communicate with people from all walks of life, and must always maintain a professional demeanor. You can develop necessary communication skills at every job you work.
  • Credit History: Be responsible with your finances. Pay your bills on time and do not show irresponsibility by amassing a large debt in relation to your take-home income. A check of your credit history is conducted as a part of your background investigation. If you have bad credit, take the necessary steps to show that you are responsible enough to rectify the situation. (You can contact a credible non-profit, consumer credit counseling service to help you manage your debt.) It is wise to check your credit history with the three major credit agencies to verify its authenticity.
  • Education: Though you only need to obtain a two-year degree to become POST certified in the state of Minnesota, four-year degree candidates are typically desired. 
  • Physical Fitness: Prepare for the physical demands of the career field by keeping yourself physically fit. You must pass the physical agility test to move forward in the hiring process.
  • Know the Job: What you see in the movies is not the real story.  You may find yourself more excited about the prospect of becoming a police officer, or you may realize that becoming a police officer is not for you. Either way, it is a learning experience you won’t soon forget.
  • Know the Department: Though various law enforcement agencies perform similar duties, each agency is unique.  Learn more about the federal, state, county, or local law enforcement agency you are interested in to be certain it is the right fit for you.  



Contact the Airport Police Department
  • Emergency - Dial 9-1-1

  • Non-emergency/File a Police Report
  • Airport Police Administration
    Hours: 8 am to 4 pm, M-F

  • Investigations Unit

  • Comments/Complaints - 

  • Public Data/Report Requests - 
    Download an Information Disclosure Request form to request reports or data from the police department. For questions, call 612-725-6451 or email
*Dial 9-1-1 to report a crime, accident or traffic issues. Airport Police Administrative and Comment/Complaint lines are answered during business hours only.
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