Flight Type
Scheduled Time City Airline/Flight Number Status Terminal Sort descending
3:44 p.m. Houston Bush (IAH) United/UA3506 On Time T1/E5
12:32 p.m. Newark Int'l (EWR) United/UA3518 On Time T1/E6
2:58 p.m. Los Angeles (LAX) United/UA5594 On Time T1/E7
11:28 a.m. Houston Bush (IAH) United/UA6033 At Gate T1/E5
1:08 p.m. Houston Bush (IAH) United/UA6328 On Time T1/E7
3:41 p.m. Houston Bush (IAH) United/UA075 On Time T1/E10
3:41 p.m. Denver (DEN) United/UA075 On Time T1/E10
12:40 p.m. Las Vegas (LAS) United/UA573 On Time T1/E10
12:40 p.m. Denver (DEN) United/UA573 On Time T1/E10
2:53 p.m. San Francisco (SFO) United/UA1648 On Time T1/E6


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