Flight Type
Scheduled Time City Airline/Flight Number Status Sort descending Terminal
11:28 a.m. Houston Bush (IAH) United/UA6033 At Gate T1/E5
11:40 a.m. Chicago O'Hare (ORD) American/AA2455 At Gate T1/E15
11:32 a.m. Miami (MIA) American/AA4600 At Gate T1/E16
11:58 a.m. Washington-Reagan (DCA) American/AA5090 At Gate T1/E14
11:50 a.m. Calgary (YYC) Delta/DL5705 At Gate T1/D1
11:56 a.m. Sacramento (SMF) Delta/DL1745 At Gate T1/F8
11:56 a.m. Portland (PDX) Delta/DL2090 At Gate T1/G2
12:01 p.m. Spokane (GEG) Delta/DL2072 At Gate T1/G18
12:01 p.m. Vancouver (YVR) Delta/DL2555 At Gate T1/G1
12:02 p.m. Pasco (PSC) Delta/DL4475 At Gate T1/C22


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